Out of the Park 25: Patch #2 (Version 25.2.53) erschienen

Heute (27.03.2024) ist der zweite Patch für OOTP 25 erschienen. Er trägt die Versionsnummer 25.2.53 und bietet einige Fixes und Neuerungen:

Changelist since yesterday’s public beta:
Fixed lights on pack opening
Fixed unsigned draft pick compensation
PT: Fixed cards showing up in collection when changing order value
Live start fixes

Complete Changelist (25.2.53):
Updated MLB roster set (need to start new game for changes to apply)
Various Live Start fixes
Adjusted player creation for HS players
Updated player development speed for select players
Adjusted Reliever salary demands
Adjusted pitch value ratings for display
Updated player creation current ratings levels for draft picks, IAFA
Adjusted gains from speed, stealing, and baserunning development programs
Updated minor league player totals
Players added to the program selection portion of the development lab now stick for the back button
Fixed Restore dialog window height
Adjusted ratings changes when learning new position in the development lab
Fixed empty missions list on PT Home screen
Fixed teams releasing players while away on tournament. Slightly loosened reserve roster limits for unavailable player
Updated timing on throws
Added “Prefer ipv6” option to Settings dialog inside the Expert tab (potential fix for some issues with PT cards not appearing)
Added “Quick-Play & Finish Today” button to Today’s Game widget on Manager Home screen
Reduced improvements from defensive programs in the development lab
Development lab defensive program position no longer decided by current position
All defensive programs now count the same when determining a player’s already attempted programs each offseason
Improved ask AI to fill development lab
Updated Negro Leagues player ratings balance
Fixed sim to event not stopping
Updated color scale for 2-8 ratings
Fixed issue changing to neutralized stats in historical setup
Fixed not receiving draft pick compensation for unsigned players
Older minor league free agents will retire quicker. Teams will release older minor league players easier
Added UK league uniforms
PT: Fixed latest content releases list
PT: Tournament Roster Builder fixes:
– Can now select which roster to use while the tournament is preparing or before the first game has been played.
– Improved back/forward button navigation
– Can now export from tournament to a new local saved roster
– Remove duplicate roster restrictions
– Roster restrictions now have a general sort (Non-Cap/Cap, DH/NoDH, then by restrictions)
– Updated menus
– Save created rosters on exit
– Fixed some button status mismatches
PT: Fixed lights on pack opening
PT: Fixed errors in changing buy/sell order values.
PT: Fixed combinator cards in “Your Card Orders” tab
PT: Multiple fixes to Tournament Roster Builder
PT: Added list of used tournament/draft slots
PT: Adjusted default depth chart AI (avoid worse fielders)
Several other small bug fixes


Spieler, die OOTP 25 über Steam gekauft haben, bekommen den Patch automatisch heruntergeladen. Leute, die die Fastspring / QLM Version (bspw. Vorbesteller) nutzen, müssen den Patch hier herunterladen und über ihre genutzte Version installieren.

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